Table custom column background JS expression does not read cell value correctly

Hey! I'm having trouble with custom columns on a table component. These custom columns have their respective cell value calculated from other values in the table using currentRow. I then want to control the background of the cells in these custom columns using a JS expression. However, this expression is not reading self.value correctly. In the image below, it is reading self.value as "{", rather than a the number corresponding with the cell value JS expression.

Interestingly, the background JS expression is resolving to "springgreen" but the custom column is not displaying that either.

Am I missing something, or is this potentially a bug? Thanks in advance!

Hey Ryan! Ack. It seems like there's a bug around custom columns + background color here. There is a not-great workaround to *not *use custom columns and instead, use JS transformer to add columns into your data object (after it comes in from your db).

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns about getting that workaround going! In general, it's actually best practice to avoid custom columns since they're entirely frontend.

Thanks Victoria, I’ll figure something out. I’m looking forward to table v2, the Developer Day demo was really impressive!

Awesome! Glad you made it out. I believe we can grant beta access to users, so let me know if you’d like to test Table v2 any sooner :eyes:

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Absolutely, I’d love to give that a test drive please!

DM'ed you! :wink:

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