Table component, column attribute format is different to documentation

The retool documentation says table.columns is formatted as Array.

When trying to pass this attribute to a dropdown, receiving notification that this attribute is in-fact formatted as Object


Hey @qlmoffat, thanks for writing in! My table.columns looks to be formatted as an object as well:

Can you try formatDataAsArray(table2.columns) to see if you receive the data they way you anticipate?

This may be a matter of updating out documentation!

This is part of the result, which doesn't look right either... (not sure what this is displaying!)

Edit: This is the first letter of each column name, second object is second letter

What I'm trying to get to is:

Weights will start as 1 - and be edited by user (likely stored locally)

@Jay, I've had joy with Object.values(table2.columns)