Tabbed container dynamic height

It seems like tab containers have a fixed specified height.
Is there any way of specifying the app and its tab fills the available vertical space when in a large browser window?
When the tab contains a table, can the table be pinned to grow in height and width as the tab changes size with different browser windows?

Hey @reddeer_admin, not sure I'm understanding your question fully here. The tabbed container size and the elements inside should be dynamically changing on different browsers/screen sizes. Could you share what you mean by the "table be pinned to grow in height and width as tab changes size"? Sharing a screenshot here of what you're seeing can be very helpful here :slightly_smiling_face:.

Just retested and seems to be significantly better.
We are hosting as an embedded app.

Main canvas size seems to trigger appearance of the scrollbar

Nice! Happy to hear that, and thanks for keeping us updated. :slight_smile: