Tab bar titles are displaying formula and not the result

I'm using a simple evaluation of two variables for translations in my mobile app.


"set" is in this case the to be translated term. Language and translations the used variables. Language is either "de" or "en" and translations is {"en":{"set":"set"}, "de":{"set":"Einrichten"}}

It works fine for labels, button texts and screen titles. Within the tab bar the formula is displayed as title instead of the evaluation result. Within the IDE (inspecting the code) the formula is evaluated correctly.

If it would be a timing issue, so the title get evaluated before the two variables are initialized correctly, the still the dynamic aspect is missing. When I change one or the other of the variables at runtime, nothing changes, so the titles are not re-evaluated. Again for the other elements mentioned above and in the web app, the mechanism works fine.

Has anybody and idea or can you reproduce the issue?

Kind regards

Hey @ChristianO,

I was able to reproduce this !
I expect this to be fixed by next week's release