Switch Group values set but not visible in the component

I'm using a Switch Group component and recently added a default value.

The values are present and a filter referring to them works; however, the switches themselves looked "turned off" on the resource.


The behavior is the same if I change the resource to a Checkbox Group.

In the same app is a Checkbox that is working. It also has a newly added value. The difference between the two (that I can find) is that the working component uses an alpha string and the non-working component uses a number.

Working default value: {{queryUsers.data.DefaultTaskLocations[0].split(',')}}
Returns: ["HIL","MTV","TAS"]

Non-working default value: {{queryUsers.data.DefaultTaskCategory[0].split(',')}}
Returns: ["1","3","8","2"]

I suspect that integer vs. string data type is an issue here.

Grateful for any suggestions. Thanks.

I found this post which helped me map the string array to numbers.

{{queryUsers.data.DefaultTaskCategory[0].split(',').map(item => Number(item))}} returns numbers and the switch group works perfectly now.