Support for gRPC for Retool Cloud?

I noticed in the documentation that gRPC is only supported for on premise deployments. Do you know why that is? When would it be available for the Retool cloud offering?

I would love to be able to use it to connect to our gRPC services for the Retool cloud offering. Thanks!

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Hello @joew,
That’s is correct, gRPC is only available for on premise deployments today. It works based on mounting your .proto files into the container running Retool. Building gRPC for cloud is something we continue to consider. Ideally how would you like to see it work with your gRPC services? They are accessible publicly? What type of auth do you use? Would you upload proto files or use server reflection? Happy to chat directly about it as well.

Yes, would love to chat directly. Feel free to shoot me an email. I have a very detailed workflow of how I’m using our externally available gRPC endpoints to power our internal tools.

I figure, I could add a more detailed response here in the interim.

I’ve been using BloomRPC ( as a stand-in for Postman (since Postman doesn’t support gRPC).

I’m basically able to point BloomRPC to an import path for all of the protos. I can then individually drag the protos that I want to use to make calls into BloomRPC.

We use token-based authentication that we specify in the metadata. I guess for this to work with Retool, when creating a new resource, I would specify an endpoint and upload the proto files. There’d need to be some programmatic way to specify the auth token in the metadata before every call.

When creating a query, I would just select a proto and then select a specific request I want to use and then just issue the call from Retool. Retool (like BloomRPC) would need to handle looking up the dependencies for the selected proto/request that I want to run.

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I need this feature too +1

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as a case DreamStudio provide public grpc api,

Hey folks! As of 5/31/23 Cloud users should be able to try out a new beta gRPC connector!

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