Summary row and Status indicator looks buggy on Table component

When I use the Status indicator in the table, strange situations occur. I prepared a visual to explain the problem more clearly:

Hi @edurmush! Are you accessing Retool via a cloud plan or are you onprem? If so, which version are you on? I'm unable to reproduce in a table with summary row and grouped rows, so curious how you got to this state

Hi @mckenna, I use Retool on cloud. I just created a table and added it groups, summary row and status indicator Add-ons



Hmm I'm still not able to get to a state where I see status indicators on the grouped row or summary row :confused:

It doesnt appear when Aggregation is Count Distinct, try Sum or another one.


And the same thing for summary row.

I'm getting the same issue - it's inconsistent, but seems more prevalent when my table only has a small number of rows.

Using 3.16.0 Cloud.

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Hi @ash-c and @edurmush! I'm also having trouble replicating this issue. Are you still seeing this on your end? If so, would you be able to share an export of your app so that I might inspect this further? Thanks!

Hello @LaurenM , here is example for you:

Demo.json (22.2 KB)

Hi @edurmush - I've created a bug report for our engineering team to investigate this further. I'll let you know when I have any update for you!

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Just ran into this same issue. Did it ever get resolved?

Shows up in 1 column and not any others - all the settings are the same for all those columns. Strange.

This bug is still in our queue :disappointed: I'll reach out when we're able to prioritize it

While not ideal, as class names change and cause a huge headache, I was able to sort it out with custom CSS.

If it helps anyone else, my approach was to isolate the different classes for text and status indicators, and then use a :where pseudo-class on the one corresponding only to the summary row:

In my case, .n7KRPA is summary row only, .SL48rs is the status indicator, and .Cv7kjP.gEge07 is the label & value.

:where(div.n7KRPA) .Cv7kjP.gEge07 { display: inline-flex; }
:where(div.n7KRPA) div.SL48rs { display: none; }

Similarly, when using grouped by, there are no status indicators in the grouped row, but you can see in the image above, I was able to style them like the non-grouped rows as well.

Non-grouped: Actual value hidden and put the value into the status indicator like this:

For grouped rows, copy the styles directly into the values of the grouped rows using both :where and :not to avoid styling the header row:

Realizing that I have a black/white text inconsistency to fix now. And crossing my fingers that Retool doesn't go changing those class names on me tomorrow :crossed_fingers: