Success Handler: Only run when. Possible Bug Or User Error :)

I'm using the success handler to set a LocalStorage Value but only when a "Only Run When" condition is true. Instead of setting the variable, it's setting it to the True/False value of the Only Run When value.


Step 1: Search software 1 for name and name = "software1_name", save to localstorage "name". Step 2: Then search software 2, if name is not null, then replace localstorage name = "software2_name".

When a variable is set in localstorage and I use Success Handler and have Only Run When is set, it replaces the localstorage with a value of "true" instead of the new name variable? This doesn't seem right me.

Use != null

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Thanks Scott. That worked!

I guess it's good to know that if you swap the != with =! it sets the variable to the true/false value. Not sure if anyone would ever need that.