Stuck at loadiing the BigQuery table

While creating app for a BigQuery table the Table has stuck at loading the data and the Bigquery table has almost 10 thousand rows of data. Is it normal for retool to load this size of data or something is wrong?

I believe there are some limits (if you're on the free version) but are you paginating the data on the server side? If not, that could be the issue...

@ScottR Maybe that's the issue.

Hi @Ali_Ashfaq If you're on Retool Cloud (any plan level) the maximum query time is 2 minutes. Is this query timing out after 2 minutes?

@Tess, I think that can be an issue.

The 2 minute limit is not something that you can increase on Cloud, unfortunately. If your queries are timing out, we'd typically recommend reducing the number of rows that you're querying by using pagination or filters on your query.

If you want to run queries for longer than 2 minutes, you might consider spinning up a on prem instance of Retool. On a self hosted instance, you can configure a higher query timeout limit using the db_connector_query_timeout_ms env var.