Stripe Integration

I am Creating a App where i need to get my stripe method id . i am getting is in response . so i am making a transformer where {{}} but it gives me null. so i don't know how to get that id from response and store it on a transformer . so i can use it on other api.

Hi @sicsretool, welcome to the community!

Have you checked the left panel if the contains objects or in an array form? I'm guessing that is in array form hence giving you null. You might want to {{ formatDataAsObject( }}.

hi @jocen . thanks for your response.

This is the response i am getting and in transformer i am trying to get its response data using {{}} or [{{}}], but it give me null everytime in data .

query1 ->CreatePaymentMethod2

Hi @sicsretool,

You can click the left panel (the one I encircled in red) and click the state tab. Go to your query and check the different values there.

But also, I can see that your CreatePaymentMethod2 was only run in Preview, have you tried running the query and checking the value? The query's data property won't be populated if you only run it in preview. Your query (if you look in the state) should have a property of response or something (haven't used stripe integration but I'm assuming it is similar to an REST API resource).

hi @jocen
It worked in needed whole data in [ ] than put in all in transformer but i was running this query on success message of the first query. it was making it null because it was running two times in a row, where first time i get data and on second time it gives null.
but thanks for the help .