Stripe Event Types Query Parameter not Configured Properly

Hey All,

I'm having an issue when attempting to query the Stripe API for Events (GET v1/events) of a particular type. This endpoint allows for a types query parameter which is an array of strings containing the Stripe Event Types you'd like returned from the request. However, when using the Stripe Resource to query the v1/events endpoint with a types array, I receive an "invalid array" error from the Stripe API. I found that the URL the Stripe Resource is constructing for this request looks like this:

When I ran the above request in Postman, it failed as well. However, if we instead include [] after each of the types within the query param, the request succeeds in Postman. The correct URL looks like this:[]=customer.subscription.updated&types[]=customer.subscription.created

Is it possible to alter the Stripe Resource for the v1/events endpoint to include the [] when constructing the request url? I know I can just filter the events after I've made the request, but it would be nice to be able to take advantage of the native API functionality to pre-filter.


Hey @WizardNate!

Sorry for the late reply but thanks for surfacing this behavior and pinpointing the cause. It's been shared with our dev team and we'll let you know here when there's a fix :slightly_smiling_face: