Stream Data from Workflow using OpenAI Resource

Requesting the implementation of a streaming feature for OpenAI Chat Completions within the Workflow environment.

I created a Chatbot app that uses the Chat Component and Workflow(I am not using RetoolAI to generate chat response since it needs to set the temperature, frequency penalty, and presence penalty). Currently there is no option to enable stream response data and update app model incrementally from the Workflow unlike in RetoolAI.

The workflow I created is using OpenAI resource and /chat/completions as the operation. To stream the responses, I added stream as a parameter and set it to true but this gives be back undefined data.

So I use RestAPI instead and included the same parameters inside the request body. It was able to send me back the streamed responses:

I tried to manually stream the data from the workflow to the Chat Component by transforming the results but it returns to me undefined.
Raw Data:

Transformed Data by looping thru the array and concatenating it:

I hope there would be an option to enable streaming data responses from Workflows that uses OpenAI Resource.