Stored Procedures

I am having very serious problems with Stored Procedures in MySQL. The debugging is weak and the IF statements are not functioning because I can't things like a ROW COUNT returned properly.
Is there another language like Mongo that can handle stored procedures in a better way?

Oh no! :frowning: Would you mind sharing a screenshot of your current setup, as well as any specific error messages you're getting?

As a quick note, we previously had a bug with MySQL stored procedures; it was resolved on Retool on-premise version 2.100+, and it's also resolved on our Cloud hosted version. Let me know if you're on at least v2.100+!

I was having trouble with the stored procedures when I was running them in cPanel.
Anyway, how would I go about determining the version of Retool?

Oh got it. So these stored procedures aren't running properly in both cPanel and Retool? Do you have a screenshot of the query in Retool by any chance?

To determine the version of your app, you can click the question mark in the bottom right corner of an app and then you should see the version at the bottom of the pop-up!

I spent a lot of time in the MySQL forum on Stored Procedures. One of the serious problems with MySQL Stored Procedures is a complete lack of debugging support.
They have a feature called "Show Session Variables" that doesn't work. Its a serious weakness and the experts there acknowledge this weakness.
I think its better to stay clear of stored procedures and find a different way of doing things.
MySQL is almost 30 years old. You would think Oracle would have stored procedures working by now, but they don't.

Definitely valid :sweat_smile: I'm not sure I can offer you anything more helpful than what I'm sure you already know, but I do know that we have plenty of users using stored procedures in PostrgreSQL that haven't seemed to run into too many issues. Switching database's entirely is quite the chunk of work, but maybe it'll be worth it in the long run :thinking:

Victoria: I can't remember the details of what I was working on. It had to do with counting rows with Check Marks. Anyway, I have found a way around it so I am going to live with MySQL.
Thank you for telling me about the expertise at ReTool with Stored Procedures. I did not think to ask.
The Help at Oracle is not very good. There are people there who are still doing work from Command Line Prompts. It just not seem like a modern way of developing code.

Oh wonderful, very happy to hear you were able to find a way around it.

Let me know if you run into any other speed bumps as you build in Retool!

OK, thank you very much Victoria.
I have my project pretty well finished. But I am sure there will be a few mumps here and there.
Thanks again.