Steps to install workflow on a working self host retool

Hi any docs to install only workflow in a already installed retool self host instance? Im on business plan

Thank you

Visit this link Deploy Self-hosted Retool with Docker Compose | Retool Docs To set up self-hosted Retool, you must install Temporal, which can be done through various methods. Additionally, consider upgrading your host machine, as it requires double the CPU power. Modify your YAML and Dockerfile accordingly. Keep in mind that I haven't attempted this myself, and I'm unsure whether it can be done later without affecting your existing workspaces.

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yeah thats something i would like to know, if its possible or i need to begin from scratch

@agaitan026 Yes, you can add workflows to an already existing setup, you do not need to start from scratch.

You can run the script once you have updated docker-compose.yml to include workflows items from docker-compose-workflows-with-temporal.yml. Along with the Temporal setup from the docs linked above.

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