Static Table with dynamic entries

In the web app, I am trying to populate a (semi)static table with dynamic entries.
For example, I select a fiber cable and the API query returns 144 fibers; I need to generate a table with 144 rows and then the next query returns record information per fiber, so in this cable, I have (1) record on Fiber Number 25. I need to fill in info about this fiber on the 25th row of the table.

Is this possible?

Example, Cable 7 has (72) fibers
I need the table results to have (72) rows and then row 25 needs to fill in with the dynamic data.
The database only has individual records, so for instance, fiber 24, 23, 22 are not there until we create them later; so i need to be able to "show" empty rows in the table and be able to "create"/"edit" them later.

Any thoughts would be appreciated.

Hi @leviself56, you could do this with a List View component.

As an example, I used a "Select" component on the left and a List View on the right.

I added the "Options" manually but could map it to a query:

For this example I'll focus on the "Cable 7 - 72ct" option as it'll be easier to show.

The value for this is 72:

Note: We'll use this value to create the List View components.

Here is the JS query to populate the List View:

This is the outcome:

From here, you can add buttons to create.

Let us know if you have any questions! :slightly_smiling_face: