State is ignoring JS query dependencies

I believe this may be a regression as I think I remember it used to do this.

See this section of a JS query:

  // Save changes and re-run select queries
  await qryUpdateCaptionAfterSendNewCaption.trigger({
    additionalScope: {
      captions: captions,

Now take a look at the State description of the qryUpdateCaptionAfterSendNewCaption query:

The dependencies section which should be at the bottom is is missing. If I add a Success handler the dependencies section shows up, but the JS query is still missing:

Hey Brad! So basically, you were remembering that the debug panel would show "Depends on JS_query_that_triggers_your_query", correct?

I'm trying this set up in a few older versions and can't seem to get that behavior just yet, but will keep testing!

Actually, I just found a feature request for this (showing the JS query that triggered the query inside of the State tab) from 4 months ago. So this could have been possible before that, but likely not recently?

Could be I'm misremembering it and it's not a regression, but a key missing feature.

I'm not finding the feature request, could you share the link so I can +1 it?

Oh sorry, I meant an internal feature request (to which your +1 has been added!) :slight_smile: