SSH tunneling for Oracle DB

We are currently using Retool Cloud for our back office, and we are running into an issue where the connection drops frequently.

Because of our security policy, our DB is on a private network and Retool was connecting to our Oracle DB via a proxy.

We were considering SSH tunneling, but I can't seem to find a guide for Oracle DB on the documentation. (Configure SSH tunneling for resources | Retool Docs)

Are there any ways to configure SSH tunnel to our Oracle DB?
If not, can we expect this feature any time soon?

Hey @minjung, unfortunately we do not support SSH tunneling for Oracle DB resources. We do have an internal ticket tracking this request, and I've bumped it with your information. It's not on the near term roadmap, so I don't have any form of ETA. Once I have any updated information, I'll update you here.