SSH Tunnel on Kinsta - doesn't allow users

I’m trying to connect with my Wordpress database hosted by Kinsta. They require SSH tunnel, but I’m not allowed to create additional users.

Do you have any ideas to connect then? This is the response is got from support:


noticed, they mentioned:

"You'll need to create a user named retool"

so that's the issue here I think, cause we won't be able to create additional SSH user account(s) on our environments - and only 1 SSH/SFTP user per site that was created automatically by the system when the site was created (in this case (del) )

I would suggest to check with Retool support team, if there's any other way to connect to SSH Tunnel using the SSH login credentials (your SSH username/password and port) - just the same way I did using DBeaver tool .

That way, hopefully Retool can connect to your SSH account on our server (to SSH Tunnel it) then it should then be able to access the DB remotely through that SSH Tunnel connection :smile: .


Hi @FFMichael have you found any way around? I am trying to achieve the same thing and connect retool to a Wordpress database hosted by Kinsta. Similar answers so far.

Hey @Wileo @FFMichael, as mentioned above, you would need to create a user named 'retool' in order to connect to the bastion host. I don't believe that there is a workaround for this currently.

A workaround is to interface with the Wordpress RestAPI, Interface with Retool and access to the database via Wordpress. I used miniOrange Custom API and miniOrange API Authentication and it works like a charm. You may have to pay a plugin to access to other than GET.

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