SSH Test connection failed. Error: All configured authentication methods failed

I'm seeing the same issue that aking43 reported on SSH Tunneling error - "All configured authentication methods failed"

I stood up a new Amazon Linux instance in EC2 and followed the instructions at but I'm getting the error: "Test connection failed. Error: All configured authentication methods failed"

We have another SSH tunnel configured using an older EC2 instance in one of our other environments and that seems to be working. The only difference between them seems to be the version of Amazon Linux. The new one is running Amazon Linux 2023 and OpenSSH_8.7p1, OpenSSL 3.0.8 7 Feb 2023

Has anyone been able to get this to work with the lastest version of Amazon Linux?

Hey @alinder11!

You mentioned this being used with a different environment - is that with the same Retool org or a different one? Each org has a unique public key so if you're using separate Retool orgs it might be worth checking that the key you're using on the new EC2 instance matches the correct one.

Hi Kabirdas,

Yes, we were using the correct key on the machine. However, one of the people on our team found a solution for this issue while we were waiting for a reply. The solution was to run the following commands on the instance being used for the SSH tunnel:

sudo dnf install crypto-policies-scripts
sudo update-crypto-policies --set LEGACY

We got this from the AWS doc at Default SSH server configuration - Amazon Linux 2023

Hopefully this will help someone else in the future.

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Oh wonderful! Thank you for sharing that :slightly_smiling_face: