SQL Injection - Calling generated SQL using JS

Afternoon all,

I'm developing an app which generates SQL which in turn i want to use to query the retool postgresql db.

So for example, where SELECT * FROM Sales; is generated, i capture that as a variable and want to then pass it into a query and execute.

Issue is, i can't find a way to do that.

I've turned off prepared statements btw, but can't fathom out how to inject the SQL generated into a query using JS.

Thanks for any help!


@Dave_AIMM Welcome to Retool!

We utilize a version of what you are asking for that runs a bit like this (uses a generated SQL statement and then executes it as part of a CRUD operation):


Here, the generateCreateStatement.data is a JS query, and we pass the results along to the DB via EXEC. This particular operation goes into a on-prem SQL database.

A more complex delete statement using the same principle:


My colleague did a bit of a write-up on our generic CRUD implementation that fleshes this out a bit more (Do I need separate queries...), however I think you just need these building blocks to get started.

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Thank you so much @pyrrho, really appreciate the in depth and fast response.

This makes a lot of sense, I'll give it a bash and let you know how I get on.

Thanks again!