Splitting documents in retool

So I've run into an issue figuring out how to split documents coming from a database.

From our website front end, customers can upload more than one document at a time into one key. but retool to my knowledge can only download one document at a time.

Can i get any help with a javascript code that would be able to split documents from an array into a singular string

if you are using s3 you can use
Screen Shot 2022-11-23 at 9.00.27 AM
I use a modal to list all files and then make each available for download.
Also, check out: How to download multiple files from S3 and download as a zip file - #3 by Tess

Thank you! I'll try this and see what happens

Hey @ScottR we have files recorded multiple document with one row data wise with comma separated values. When we trying to use zip it is failing. Can you share whole process of downloading files with zip.

I believe any files with CSV or in .xlsx format cannot be downloaded in zip - it's a known bug AFAIK

.xlsx files do cause some issues when downloaded from S3 at the moment, .csv should be fine though! Would you mind sharing your setup @manpreet7?