Spinning up fresh self-hosted instance

original: error: relation "organizations" does not exist

Getting this error forcing the following container to constantly restart.

  • retool-onpremise_workflows-worker_1
  • retool-onpremise_api_1
  • retool-onpremise_workflows-backend_1

Which also results in me getting a 502 error when trying to reach it from the web.

Hey @Alexander_Giaquinto, where exactly are you seeing the relation "organizations" does not exist error? If you have access to the internal Retool DB are you able to query the organization's table and see if the table exists? Is this a new deployment or is this an existing one that is now running into this issue?

I am just seeing it in the logs from the containers I listed above. Mostly, the workflows one and the other two are just saying they are waiting for db migration. This is a brand new instance. Version 3.33.14-stable. Let me know what information you need and I can grab it! @cperea

Hi @Alexander_Giaquinto,

Were you able to access the internal database?

Could you share an export of your logs as well?

Would you mind sharing more details about the steps taken to deploy this Retool instance?

If the Retool container still running after the error, you could try manually running the migrations with yarn sequelize db:migrate in the jobs-runner container. I'm not sure that will fully resolve it though :thinking: