Source IP Addresses


I found on this page,, that the Retool outbound IP is Is this the only IP which we should traffic come from Retool or are there possibly others depending on connection type?

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Yes, that is the only IP address traffic should come from. Is there any particular resource you’re asking about? Thanks!

We are verifying traffic patterns to our api and wanted to ensure accuracy with the traffic which comes from Retool. Thank you for your time.



We are working on an internal API that would authenticate a user only if the request is made from Retool. To do that, we whitelisted the IPs mentioned here, however, the request from Retool seems to be made from the IP which is not included in the above list.

Has the list of Retool IPs changed? Can you please share the updated list here?


@dvdhsu can you please reply? It would be very helpful in unblocking us.

Hi @sg004. You may want to put your question in a new topic. This one is two years old and the person may no longer work for Retool.


Hi @sg004, I just checked with our infra team, and that list (Troubleshooting connections) is up to date. So, is not us!

Hi @dvdhsu just checking that Troubleshooting connections is still current please? We are in the process of whitelisting the IP addresses listed but found that is on a blacklist?

Hey @dwcarbon! From what I know, that list is current, but I'd definitely be happy to double check internally. Would you mind sharing more about being on a blacklist?