Something wrong with update an exisiting records


I have a table which contain the user name and credit. I want to use a form to update the credit in the table. I write the code below but it will add the value 3 times to the original value. As you can see, I try to update Coco's credit but it give it 3 credit.

UPDATE "Client"
SET credit = credit + 1
WHERE phone_number = {{}}

IMHO, the SQL looks fine!
There are several things you can check tho:

How do you trigger the query? Are you sure, the query only runs once instead of multiple times?

A) Check the option "Run query automatically when inputs change" and change it to "Run query only when manually triggered".

B) Make sure there's only one event (submit) that triggers the query. If your query gets triggered by submit and button click, you already get two runs.