Snowflake GUI Mode not showing for queries

I've added a snowflake resource to a retool web app but I don't get GUI Mode for queries. Should it work and if so how does it determine if it can update data? I checked the query log and it doesn't seem to make any queries to see if the user can update data, maybe I missed it.

I use OAUTH but the option to "Show write GUI mode only" is not shown as it is for the basic auth

@geoffp Welcome to the forum!
Can you post some screenshots?

If I have basic auth enabled it shows this GUI mode only

with oauth the option disappears

this ties in with the query builder, the GUI option is not available for oauth but is when I force it with that option

Hey @geoffp! As you noticed, we currently don't support GUI mode on Snowflake resources using Oauth authentication. We are tracking this, but I don't have an ETA on implementation. I'll keep this thread updated as I get any additional information!