Small Quality-Of-Life Keyboard Shortcut - Tab key to select next cell

New to community, apologize if I missed something obvious.

I'm not great at javascript, but am trying to implement a small quality-of-life change. When the user hits the tab key, I'd like to select the next available cell. Is this possible?

I'm also interested in other 'excel-like' shortcuts (ctrl+c, ctrl+v, copying blocks of values, etc) as most of my end users are used to using excel and are being switched to Retool style frontends.


Hi @richschaeffer! This isn't currently possible in Retool, but it has been requested in a couple other community threads:

We're working on a new table component for next year (as a general, not confirmed ETA), so I'll pass this feedback along for the new table!


Victoria, moving through table inputs by tabbing is essential to us.

What is the updated ETA on basic keystroke navigation (like Google Sheets or Excel) and new table component?


Hey @bwdsl! We're currently working on it this quarter, but let me check with the engineers in charge to see if they're ready to share any ETAs :blush:

Just heard back—looks like keyboard navigation for tables will be available (on Retool Cloud) by the end of this month :raised_hands:

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Fantastic! That is excellent news. Appreciate your speedy response Victoria.

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Victoria, will the keyboard nav for tables be available this week?

Assuming we don't run into any breaking bugs, we plan to start roll-out of keyboard nav for tables this week!

(Also, just seeing now that I never followed up here. My apologies. Thank you for following up with me instead :pray: )


Any updates on this?

We need this too. I have a temp state table used for data entry. User can tab through certain field types but not others like value, they have to click into those.

Victoria, what's the status of this?

Hey all! Let me check in with the team now

It looks like we're aiming to release next week, barring any other production blockers. Sorry about the delay here, folks! Will update this thread with the good news as soon as I can.

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@victoria, please ask your dev team to advise on a timeframe for a fix for this >>> the keyboard navigation improvements you guys released for Tables recently did NOT make it into the 'Insert a New Row' control at the bottom of the table. That control still works the same way prior to release. This is a deal breaker fix for us to be able to use an app we've been working on a long time to deploy to production. Please advise, thank you.

Just asked, will let you know once I hear back! :blush:

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Hey @bwdsl! The engineers actually just tested this on our latest version of Cloud and it's working for them. Would you mind sharing your current version?

@victoria my current version is 2.94.6 and keyboard nav is still not working for me on the Insert New Row area as you saw in the video.

Please advise.

side question: BTW, I replied to a Forum email notification 7 days ago when you posted your question to me on the forum. Am I able to reply to a notification email like that directly and have it post to Forum thread or do I have to login to Community and reply to post via the Forum UI?

Ack, I'm sorry about this. I created a separate ticket for this issue again and will update you once this is fixed (for real this time)!

And hmm, great question. It looks like you need to reply in the UI rather than to the email.

Thanks Victoria. Please advise when the bug fix is in place for the Insert New Row Keyboard navigation.

Absolutely! Thank you again for keeping this thread updated with what you're running into :pray: