Sluggish/freezing display of html


My display of an html file seems to make retool freeze and get slow.

I’m trying to let a user select an HTML file from a list and display the contents.

To get my file list, I do a ``Liat all files in a bucket’’ and show the keys in a table. There are only 100 files, so that is not an issue.

To get the contents, I run a ``Read a file from S3’’ on


and I transform it

    decoded = atob(data.Body)
    return decoded

Finally, I display that in an HTML component.

The fille is about 7MB, big but not overwhelming, and it takes a few seconds to download on my laptop, and it displays crisply in my Chrome. Retool freezes for quite a while on the load, and occasionally thereafter. The editor is hard to use.

Do you have any idea why this happens? Maybe it is hitting our retool server too hard, although I do not see that causing all of the problems?


Hi @dondenton, 7MB for a html file is quite large for an html file. When opening them on the editor, it may be slowing down the UI. Is this issue also happening in Preview mode?