Skip validating hidden fields (and set value as null)

The request is in the title. I have long forms with multiple dependencies on dropdown selections. Would be great if validating hidden input fields would be automatically skipped (since user won’t be able to either change nor see the errors anyways). The current workaround is super finicky and veeery repetitive.

An alternative, albeit slightly less great, option would be to enable using e.g. {{!self.hidden}}
value as conditional required logic. But there would be ton of other interesting use cases for self variable, instead of having to rewrite logic in various forms.

An added bonus would be if hidden input fields would always return null as values, to avoid user changing dropdown selections and corrupting the entries.

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Hi @lauri,
Fields that are hidden, read only or disabled skip validation now.
We aren't sending the value as null though - I think typically hidden fields do get sent with form submissions so we didn't wrap that into the change.