Simplify installation of complex apps


I'd like to know if there's a way to simplify a complex app installation.
By complex, I mean a Retool app that depends on a Workflow and a Postgresql table.

As far as I know, now you have to:

  • install the App from JSON
  • create a database table manually (or using psql) from a schema
  • import the Workflow from another JSON
  • fixing the links issues between App and Workflow

Not a big deal for me, but if I want to distribute an app, for casual Retool user it can be daunting.

So, pretty much of what happen when you clone a template (don't know for Workflow, but in general a template clone bring both the app and the db resource as well)


Hey @abusedmedia Aside from Source Control (which is only available on the Enterprise Plan) there's no functionality that would simplify migrating this setup from one Retool Instance to another. Users would need to follow the steps you've laid out (thanks for sharing them :smile:). I've passed along this feedback to our engineering team for consideration and will update this post if Retool adds some functionality to "bundle" Workflows and Apps in a single export at a future date!