Simple Invoice System // Create a print template canvas

Hello peeps. Newbie here on a recommendation from HN. I asked for a cloud version of the classic File Maker Pro.

I'm checking out the software to see if I can create a simple invoice system:

  • data entry layout (online) to create and modify invoices
  • list navigation to find, delete, & edit invoices
  • print layout for paper/pdf copy to accompany product
  • print list view for paper/pdf statements

(That's the minimum if I recall my FMP)

My first task is to evaluate how well I can recreate the existing paper invoice. I don't see any resources for configuring print-first canvas (App Settings > General).

Am I looing in the wrong place?
Suggestions for workarounds?

I use Google Drawings App a lot to make simple paper based forms, so this is what I was expecting to find (EDIT: this shows print-first canvas settings):

Hi @xtian,

Thanks for reaching out!

As far as page set up, the canvas is where you'll build all of your web apps. We don't have a way to configure the canvas to be a specific page size. You can control the width of the cavas - as described in our docs, but the height will be automatic. Components will then be configured to fit within the canvas based on our 12 column grid. The canvas is specifically for creating web pages that can be viewed on mobile or desktop.

We do have a couple of ways to generate pdfs with information from your web apps, which it sounds like could be helpful for your use case. Unfortunately, we don't have any settings for controlling the page size or orientation of the generated pdf. If you use our utils.downloadPage functionality, it'll download the page at whatever dimensions the viewport is in. There is no way to specify a dimension for the download.

We don't have a direct print functionality in Retool, but you can download items from Retool (as pdf, excel, etc) and then open those items on your computer to print them (as described here). I'll add your +1 to the internal feature request where we're tracking use cases for printing from Retool. There's also a helpful discussion about printing here