Sidebar Frame/Navigation component question

I created multiple Apps that I'd link to link together with a Sidebar/Navigation layout, the classic left menu with the content loaded on each menu click, on the center.

I didn't understand which is the best practice to achieve this behavior.

  1. Placing a left sidebar with a menu, then a multiple views container with an iFrame as main component and then switch between the views with event handlers?
  2. Some other method?

How did you do that?

Hey @Francesco_Bonizzi,

From the way you describe your use-case, I think your best bet is to do this:

  1. Make sure each of your apps is its own Retool app.
  2. Create a module where you'll put your navigation component
  3. In the navigation, create a new menu item for each of the apps you want to be able to navigate to and set each menu item to go to that app.
  4. In each of your apps, add the module to the sidebar and now everytime you update your module it will update your menu in each of your apps

This way anytime your users click on a menu item it will bring them to the other app and you don't have to deal with iFrames and event handlers.

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Thanks a lot. It works!