Showing an alert based on value of a query used for dropdown but not the dropdown value itself

Sorry if this doesn't make sense from the title....

I have a dropdown, which has a value of an ID field (I.e. 1,2,3,4......)

However, the query used to populate the values and labels of the dropdown has the data I'd like to evaluate. Is there a way to evaluate other parts of the query, based on the value that is chosen in the drop down? And therefore hide or show my alert......
So... I have a query that gives me:

  • id
  • labelText
  • Mandatory (boolean).

When someone selects an option in my selector, I want to display an alert field if the boolean value is true, and hide it if not.

But I am struggling to access this data, based on the selector. I'm sure there is a simple way to achieve this. I just don't know how.

Hopefully image below explains a bit more.

Maybe selectedItem is what you're looking for? ie {{select_esrs_sub_standard.selectedItem.mandatory_requirement}}

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thanks Dave - that worked.
I tried it before, but i was trying to reference it incorrectly... i was adding value after selected row, and then surprised i couldn't see the field i needed.