Sharing cookies between resource queries?

I've created a number of Resources for my service's APIs hosted on different subdomains of the same domain, like and If I fill out authentication steps for those resources, when I load my app in preview, it tells me I have multiple resources to sign into, and I can re-enter the same credentials several times to authenticate each of them.

All my services will respect a single auth token stored in a cookie returned by my auth service ( Is there a way to share the cookie jar between resources on the same domain so I only have to authenticate once for everything on

As a stopgap, I've stopped using auth steps on my resources, I have a custom login form on my app that makes a REST call to fetch a token, I'm saving that in localStorage, then providing it in an Authorization: Bearer header on each of my app's resource queries (api, graphql, etc.). This works, but I'd rather share cookies if that's an option.

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Hey @geometric

Unfortunately, at this time there is no way to share a cookie obtained in Retool between different resources, but I have added a feature request for this and included a note to post here if/when this feature is added.

In the mean time, the workaround that you have come up with is exactly what I would have recommended.

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Hello @mark

Is the feature that you were talking about overhead is developped now ?

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Hey @MickaelMesnage! No updates just yet unfortunately, but just checked in and will let you know if there are any ETAs :slight_smile: