Sharing Apps among Clients?

We are building an app that we want to share with many clients. Not sure how to do this with Retool in a scaleable manner. But, our idea (not sure if this is correct) is that each client will just be an end user of their specific app, but will use our account. So basically, for each client we will duplicate a Master App in our account for them, make some slight changes, and then they will become an end user. Our question is, how can we share updates to the Master App with all the clients. Is there some way to share a codebase from one App to the next? how else can we do something like above? Thanks.

Hi @ddsgadget, to provide you with the best response we would like to know:

  1. What type of changes do we need to make per app?
  2. With all those changes, how different do the apps need to be between users?

It would be great if you could give us some context for your use case.