setValue on Textarea/Select Components from Event Handler not working

Hey guys,

To explain the problem I'm seeing, I'm using the retool on-premise version 2.80.16 and I am attaching event handers to set values of 2 components in the app, as a result of a successful DataStore query.

Another thing to note, is the query also has a transformer on the data to change its format, which also appears to be working.

The query and the transformer succeeds, but the values are not set on the components.

There are no errors that I can see from the console.

Can anyone recreate this?

Anyone able to help on this? :slight_smile:

@cameron.pearce are you trying to use the setValue() method inside of a Transformer? If so that won't work, as they're read-only. Can you share a screenshot of your setup?

Hey Justin, thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Does this help?
So the load button when clicked, runs the datastore query, which runs the transformer after to format the data into the string, and then the successful query event handlers are supposed to use that value to populate the textarea, and switch the dropdown on the LHS to another option.

It doesn't appear to be setting any value in the textarea after both the query and the transformer are successful... It also doesn't change the value of the dropdown

{{}} is the value I'm using in the event handler parameters for the textarea, which when I hover over evaluates correctly to the string result

I wonder whether this is related to my other topic, because it seems Datastore queries, and Javascript queries don't play nice together at the moment..