setValue of selectedPageIndex

I'm using serverside navigation on a list in mobile app.
I want to reset the page when changing the "select2" value. Changing select2 also filters the results. We want to reset the page number and show the first results for the updated query results when ever we change select2's value.

I'm using query json with SQL to provide the filtered results for the listview.
I've tried this but it doesn't seem to work. Any other ways to reset this value?

I have the same issue/request. After a query is run, I want to have the first item selected, rather than have selectedItem = null, however the only component control option is to set hidden


I figured out a work around for this limitation.
I created a variable "togglePagination" and set the dynamic value for serverside pagination to {{togglepagination.value === 1}}.
Then in the select2 events I added 2 events.

  1. set variable togglePagination to 0.
  2. set variable togglePagination to 1. delay 100ms.

So this will reset the collectionView.selectedPageIndex value.

We created a feature request to allow more options to the "Control Component" options on Mobile apps. On the meantime, @jason3w's workaround is amazing! :rocket:

Thank you for sharing it! :slightly_smiling_face: