Setting up resource for Google maps distancematrix API not working as expected

I am not sure why request details are not passed to request url:// when I am using google distance matrix API. I did set up google/place/autocomplete API successfully and its working as expected, now I am trying to set up distancematrix in the same way and it seams as if query parameters are not added to url:// and they should be as far as I know.

here is screenshot of what is happening when try to preview just to see if it's working

Any help with this would be appreciated.

Hey @Nikola_Sestan!

It looks as though this may be a bug, thanks for surfacing it! If you switch to using API version 1.8.0 does it function correctly?

It does not seam so. I am getting message: "Operation geocode not found" so 1.8.0 does not work at all.

I solved this by using RESTQuery and where I set google api's request manually

Got it, you may need to create a new query once you've switched API versions since the existing query will be referencing the previous schema. Good to know you have a fix for now though. The dev team is looking into this and I'll let you know here when a fix has been released!

Hey @Nikola_Sestan!

Just want to give you a heads-up that this should be fixed. Let me know if you have any further issues with the integration :slightly_smiling_face: