Setting up a Smartsheet API


Does anyone have experience on setting up a connection with Smartsheet via API?

Hey there, I don't have direct experience setting up this resource, but it looks like Smartsheet's API follows a REST pattern with OAuth 2.0. Are you running into any particular issues with setup? If so we are happy to help 😊

Hi Everett,

I am new to API's and wanted to teach myself how to use them - and was hoping to use the Smartsheet API as a real-world test case. I am not sure however if your support extends to that extent!

If so, any help would be appreciated.


Would like to know how to filter rows and columns using smartsheet API.

Hi @m.rahman :wave:

Are you looking to filter rows and columns of a table component loaded with data from your SmartSheet API? Have you already gotten a resource connection successfully setup for that?

Connection is established. Pull all data using GET includeAll. But unable to filter selected columns based on specific date

Hi @m.rahman :wave:

Do you mind sharing a screenshot of the query you've got written up so far and what kind of data it's returning back currently? That would be most appreciated :+1: