Setting properties for multiple table items simultaneously

Hi, Is there a way to set the property (eg hide, format etc) for multiple table items simultaneously.

Also, it is a pain to have to, after setting the properties of one column, to have to navigate back to the table to select another column.

This would make formatting tables a lot quicker.

Can you explain a bit more as to what you mean by properties and the order of operations?

By properties I mean, for example, for a column the type (string, tag etc) or hide/show etc

Check out the Methods section of this doc

I am talking about when setting the properties via the UI as part of app building. You cango through each column in a table and set properties (eg hid/show etc) but can't do multiple at one time.
For example, I have a data source with 20+ numeric fields, After use the Generate columns button I needed to modify some of the properties across the bulk of the columns but had to do them 1 at a time

Yes you would have to that one at a time.

That is a real pain and inefficient. Would be good if it can be addressed

Hi @MartinSher, you can use the Popout Editor here to edit columns at the same time. Here you can bulk hide, make editable, or delete columns from your Table.

We'd love to hear other column properties you'd want to edit in this way. Hope this helps!


That will be more efficient but would still be even more efficient if could multi-select a group of columns and then set them all to a value.

Other key properties are type - string, number, percent etc
decimal places

and most others:-)

Please add the ability to bulk-update column formats. It is tedious to individually update formats for large tables.