Setting editable when using dynamic-column settings with the new table

I am trying to create a table that change their columns dynamically, the idea is to brign the columns with no data so the user can fill up the table. But, I can´t make the table editable, also creating a form is not a solution cause the form cannot be setted dinamycally. Thank you in advance!


Added support for automatic form generation in the Table component when using dynamic columns.

There is an item in changelog say similiar thing, but I can find it out. Retool team can help?
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it would be great, I cant find the update either @Tess @kbn @Kabirdas @joeBumbaca , help please!

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Same here; I have a table with dynamic column names and would like to directly edit the data in it.
Right now, I'm doing some far-fetched JSON-Schema stuff to be able to generate a form based on the displayed columns.

It kind of works but it's really sub-par as the JSON Schema Form Component does not have all the retool input fields such as enums and json editor.
Whereas the "changeset" editable UI is very good.
Do you know the reason for not having the "editable" property on dynamic columns?

Thanks everyone for noting your interest in this! I'm confirming that setting columns to be editable is a feature request we're tracking internally. No updates on timeline to implement yet, but will share any updates here as they come up

Anson, I'm not sure what that line in the changelog is referring to, but I'll check internally & follow up on that

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Anson & Tess, that line on the changelog refers to creating a separate form component that has fields generated based on the table's columns (now includes dynamic columns).

Editing cells directly on a table that uses (especially exclusively) dynamic columns would be super helpful.

Looking forward to this feature.



Hi there! We went ahead and added a field for setting columns to be editable when using dynamic column settings!

You could set all dynamic columns to be editable by using item:

Or, you could create some condition to make some columns editable (for example, only the email column should be editable):


Hi there! First of all Thank you for the updates! I just checked this new feature and apparently everythings works good but you cannot set the 'Save action' when the table only has dynamic columns

Hi @pedrowach Thank you! That is helpful feedback - I'll flag this to the table team as a follow up request

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Hi, awesome feature! I started using it as soon as it was available on our instance! However, it seems that we can't define a placeholder with the current version, is this something that is planned to be implemented?

Hi @nico-late, Thanks for chiming in! By placeholder, do you mean a mapped value for a dynamic column? If so, we plan to add this. I'll add your +1 to the internal feature request

No I really mean a placeholder add-on like in this screenshot for the first three columns :grin:

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Thanks, requested this as well! I'll follow up here if we're able to ship it

This is fixed now! Thank you again for flagging this issue