Set temperature, frequency penalty and presence penalty in Retool AI Generate Chat Response

I am creating a chatbot using Retool AI, and I would like to incorporate a feature that allows users to customize the temperature and frequencies of the chatbot. I have already integrated my OpenAI API keys into Retool AI. Is there a way for me to configure these settings?


+1 but I think just opening up the use of OpenAI Assistants as an option in general would be the most useful since you can change those settings and others with the assistants api.

Hey @Dev_EJ! Following a feature request from a user, we now allow users to set the temperature in the "Generate chat response" action :raised_hands:

As for frequency, I'll file this as a feature request now!

Thank you @victoria for the update. Would it be possible to include the presence penalty in the feature request? Thank you

Definitely! Adding now.

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