Set query timeout maximum value greater than the default value of 120000 ms

It seems that the query timeout maximum value has a hard limit of 120000 ms
We have tried to set DBCONNECTOR_QUERY_TIMEOUT_MS environment variable to set this value to 600000 ms in retool enterprise with no success.
It seems that the retool UI is not respecting this environment variable. It displays a "120000 milliseconds is the maximum timeout" error whenever a timeout value greater than 120000 ms is set in the query "Advanced" settings.
Please anyone can help to clarify how to increase the maximum query timeout value.

Hi @joesphr

Sorry for the late reply here. The DBCONNECTOR_QUERY_TIMEOUT_MS variable currently only affects certain resources. What type of resource are you using?

Hi @Kabirdas,
Thanks for the followup, we faced the issue on both REST API and Postgres DB resources.

Hey @joesphr!

Do you happen to know if you have any kind of load balancer setup in your deployment? Are any other queries able to exceed this 120s limit?

Hi @Chris-Thompson, thank you for the follow up. No balancer in between and no other queries exceeding 120s. As mentioned in my first comment, the retool UI itself is not allowing a timeout value greater than 120s. If you try to set a timeout value for any query above 120s the UI will display the error "120000 milliseconds is the maximum timeout"

I see, it looks like even though this returns this error (which is a bug) you should still be able to save a larger number by changing this environment variable. Are you still seeing this query timeout before this max? If so, do you have any proxys set up between you and the Retool server or are there any limitations on the db or api side of things?