Set a timeout on AI queries?

Is there a way to set a timeout for AI queries (like summarize text) for less than 120 seconds? In my interface, the timeout option appears grayed out, so I can't change it.

Hi @jmr1234,

Thanks for flagging! The Timeout after (ms) field in the Advanced query settings is greyed out in cases where our integration isn't able to enforce a timeout set from the frontend in Retool (AI queries, Javascript queries, etc). The engineering team is going to take a closer look, and see whether (a) the resource types where this is currently greyed out are correctly greyed out due to it not currently being possible to set the timeout in that way, and (b) consider making it more clear in the UI why that setting is greyed out, for example with a popup message on hover.

We'll keep this thread updated with any new info.

The timeout for AI queries can be set under the Advanced settings now :slightly_smiling_face: