Server side pagination on a table based on page numbers?

I am setting up a table that gets its data via api requests to our backend server.

Our backend servers support pagination, but with page numbers and page_sizes. This is very similar to limit / offset, but the page number refers to which page to show, not which row to show.

For example, if I want 100 rows per page, the requests would look like:

For page 1:

For page 2:

When I tried to set up limit / offset based server side pagination for my table, the table.paginationOffset field starts off at 0, and if you press next page it will become 101.

I want it to start at 1, and only increment by 1 each time you press the next page button since that's how pagination works on our serverside api.

Is there a way to support this in retool?

As a temporary workaround. I simply set the query to ?page={{parseInt(table1.paginationOffset / table1.pageSize) + 1}}

This works well enough for the time being