Sending images in rich text through email

Hi there,

I'm trying to send an email through my app and include a image in the signature of the email. The text for the email comes from a rich text field in a form. The issue is that the image is being sent as a base64 encoded img tag and gmail and likely other email clients don't seem to handle that.

Is there a way to change a image to be a reference to a url? or is there a different way to solve this issue that someone has come across?


Hi @andrewm, welcome to the Retool community! Would you happen to have screenshots you can share of what you are seeing? Thanks!

Hello @Blake_Reed, Thanks!

Yeah here are 4. First is the Richtext editor, second is the html body of the email where I reference the text field before sending. Then the email in my gmail inbox and the source to show that it's sending the base64 of the image.


Thanks for the screenshots @andrewm! After doing some testing on my end, I was unable to convert the base64 encoded image either. I did look to see if other users might have found a work around and what I discovered was a pretty difficult alternative. Here is the community forum discussion that talks about using Sendgrid to make it work. Hope this helps!