SendGrid get /suppression/bounces/{email} does not let email be set in URL path

When trying to run, I get "Required parameter email is not provided"
Note here there is no place to define the variable to pass along the email address:

But, for the other single-email specific endpoints, ie block, I get the params for "Path" here:

Expected that I'd see the ability to assign the path variable "Email" like the others. What am I missing?

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Hey @Mike_Green!

Thanks for surfacing this, it looks like there's a bug :bug: I'll alert the dev team to this and report back when there's a fix!

With some testing, it looks as though clicking over to an endpoint like blocks and then back to bounces causes the field to appear at which point the query functions properly - are you seeing similar behavior?

Otherwise, are you able to use a REST Query to hit that endpoint for now?


Hi @Kabirdas -
Thanks for the reply.

I do see the quirk where I can get the path field to appear by selecting another operation, but it doesn't seem to stick when the query is actually run:

in block_by_email.trigger()(block_by_email)
parameters: undefined
environment: "production"

I can work around by using the /bounces endpoint, getting all and joining in SQL. I guess that's the beauty of everything can be SQL-like :slight_smile: I think that's a bit cleaner and keeps all the Sendgrid stuff in actual SG operations.

Just hopping in here to +1 this in the hopes of a fix!