Send ids from data table in Post

My Retool app allows users to search for records using ids. The data table is populated after the records are located in my API.

Now, I would like to send all of the ids in the table as a list in a POST from Retool to my other API.

How can I get a handle on those ids and place them into the JSON Body of my POST request?


ID | Name | Age
1 | Smith | 33
2 | Jean | 40

Id like to send [1,2] in my POST request.
Anyone know how to get these ids from my data table?

Do I have to use a form component instead, and actually populate a form field with my display data?

Hi @mc1392! Welcome to the community. The way that you pull data from a table depends on how your table data is formatted (either an array or an object)

For an array, you should be able to use something like this:

And for an object, you should be able to use something like this:


That worked perfectly!

I'm new to Retool and I was hoping it would be this simple.
Thank you!