Send a QR code to SMTP mail

Hello, hope you can help me. I have created a test app that sends a SMTP mail one I input a email address, and select an action button. This works fine.

I attempted to imbed a QR code to the mail, but I just get the following.
Can anybody point me where I am going wrong?



Hey @Guy_N! What is {{qrCode1}} evaulating to in your app? If you hover over it, does it show any data?


I'm guessing you need to pass the "image" of the qr-code? You would use {{qrCode1.value}} to pass the url, but I'm not sure there is a property to access the image of the qr code. {{qrCode1.image}} or suchlike.

I would like to copy the "image" of the qr code to the clipboard. @victoria Do you know if this is possible?

Hello! I believe[0] will get you access to the scanner data, but I don't believe there's a way to capture the "image" directly. Would you mind sharing more about your use case? :slight_smile:

You can use an QR API with REST API resource and embed it with base64 value. That would probably solve the use case.

Try this one: Dynamically Generate QR Codes using This API - ApyHub