Self Hosting Deployment on another server like (Apache)

Hey! I want to know that, when I am hosting a self hosted Retool on kubernetes using Helm for development purposes, is there any way that I can zip aur take its deployment files and deploy it on any other server like Apache. also wanted to know what is the deployment cost per deployment of a retool webapp.

Hey Shubham, hmm, I think you may have to start your deployment up from scratch, not sure I've ever seen zipping work (but I could be wrong!)

Also, to use Retool on the web, you can start for free! If you're interested in more features, we have a few different paid plans ($10/month/user, $50/month/user or Enterprise which has a variable price).

I basically want to develop and deploy the webapp in one cluster and then take its deployment files (HTML, JAVASCRIPT, CSS) to multiple clusters and deploy it there on a webserver like Apache.

Ah gotcha. I don’t think this is something we officially support, but you can certainly export your apps as JSON files to import in other Retool orgs!

Hi @victoria, I have deployed Retool using Kubernetes (Helm), Now the question is that, When I login for the first time I have to log in and then create an app by importing a JSON. Can I do this process before hand ? give JSON in Helm values or using a configMap. Such that the App is already been created instead of manually uploading the json to create the app.

Hi! This is unfortunately also not possible currently, but it's a great feature request. Added it internally :slight_smile: