Self-hosted Mobile vs. Managed

I'm planning to build a customer-facing mobile app with retool mobile.
My retool setup is mainly self-hosted atm.

I would like to know:

  • Are there any limitations for self-hosted mobile apps today/in future? Esp. regarding App Store publishing, features and updates, offline mode?

This would help me to decide whether going with a self-hosted or managed setup. Thanks in advance!

Hi @Julius_Schaufele , I dont think there is any difference in self-hosted vs managed/cloud when it comes to mobile. The main difference is the pricing tiers based on the features you need. You can check it here too, but for offline mode and push notifications feature, you will need a business tier, and if you want you want to launch your own branded app to iOS and Android app stores(white-label app) or have biometric authentication you will need Enterprise tier.

Thank you @Milan_Kalem :pray:

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